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Verner R. Rudder, Jr. opened his private practice in 1984 and has over three decades of on-the-job experience. His law office is now based in Northfield, OH. It is here that you can call upon his expert legal advice and representation in various specialty areas of the law. These include:

General law  • Criminal law  • Bankruptcy  • Domestic  • Probate

When you're in need of legal assistance in Northfield and surrounding areas of Summit, Cuyahoga & Portage Counties, don't hesitate to call his law office and ask for help. With Verner R. Rudder Jr., you'll be getting a lawyer with a great education, as well as many years in both the Ohio court system and private practice.


Vern R. Rudder, Jr. graduated from Ohio Northern University in 1979. He then graduated from nationally recognized Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 1982. These studies not only allowed him to expand his knowledge of the law through legal, but also through exceptional experiential opportunities.


Verner R. Rudder Jr. is a proud member of the Northfield community, Akron Bar Association and the Ohio Bar Association. Through these associations, he participates in regulating the legal profession in his jurisdiction, as well as serving fellow member lawyers in various capacities.


Verner R Rudder Jr. was Law Clerk to the Honorable Glen B. Morgan in the Summit Common Pleas Court in 1983-1984 before opening his private law office practice in 1984.

The Common Pleas courts are the trial courts of the state court system of Ohio; this is where he began working on hearings related to both criminal law - punishment, misdemeanor and civil matters - focusing on dispute resolution and victim compensation than on punishment.
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