Filing for Bankruptcy in Northfield, OH with Our Bankruptcy Attorney

You've tried to get on top of your finances for some time. But unemployment, emergencies, or even monthly bills make this goal seem nearly impossible. You wish you could wipe the slate clean and start over. And when you file for bankruptcy, you can.
At the Law Offices of Vern Rudder, Jr., we staff lawyers adept in bankruptcy law. Our Northfield, OH clients can count on us to give them a new financial start. As we work together to reset your financial situation, you'll feel more at ease.

Reasons to File Bankruptcy

We understand that numerous complexities surround bankruptcy law. Northfield, OH residents can rely on our proficient lawyers to guide them through the entire process. You should file for bankruptcy if you relate to any of the following situations:
  • You can only make minimum payments on your credit card bills
  • You can't pay for basic bills and receive calls from collectors.
  • You have to purchase necessities (like food, clothing, and gas) on credit.
  • You've already considered debt consolidation.
  • You use one credit card to pay off another.
  • You've taken on a second or third job to pay for bills and expenses.
  • You consider taking money from your IRA or other retirement fund to pay your debt.

Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy

Once a judge or trustee grants your petition for bankruptcy, you will experience the following advantages:
  • Automatic stay from creditors
  • Eliminated debts
  • No phone calls from creditors or collectors
  • Reduced tax liabilities (in some circumstances)
In most cases, you'll also maintain your property once you file for bankruptcy. Also, ask your attorney about ways to rebuild your credit after this process. He or she can provide you with sound advice so you can comply with all legal regulations.

Contact an Attorney Today

As you consider filing for bankruptcy, remember to look for an attorney proficient in bankruptcy law. Northfield, OH residents can call our office at (330) 467-3002 to schedule an appointment today. 

You can also submit any general inquiries through our contact form.
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